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The base price of a personalized pair of Air Jordan 40 Spike Nike iD is $ 220.

This is too much, said the former NBA basketball star Stephon Marbury, who grew up poor in Brooklyn, cheap jordans New York. Now a resident of China, where he plays for the Beijing Ducks, former Knick New York said he is working to bring its line of Starbury sneakers that will sell for about $ 15 a pair. He believes he can provide these affordable shoes at the same quality level as Air Jordans and other brands whose prices are driven by celebrity endorsements.

Twitter picture of his Starbury samples Stephon Marbury.

Earlier this month Marbury tweeted a photo of samples of its new line cheap jordans shoes. "It takes time to kill it once and for all!" He said, adding that the trainers would be available "very soon."

Not only the shoes that he says are manufactured in the same factory as cheap Air Jordans cheaper, Marbury told the BBC, they will reduce the sneakers flights.

In addition, he tweeted, children in poor neighborhoods will not be begging their parents to buy the sneakers celebrity boasted that they can not afford.

Nike did not respond directly to comments on Marbury cheap jordan shoes for sale, but condemned the acts of violence triggered by specific sales sneakers, the BBC.

Michael Jordan signed with Nike October 24, 1984, and his first signature shoe hit the market next April 1, according to Nike.

According to the BBC, there are no statistics on crime in the shoe cheap jordans for sale, but clothing $ 324 million were reported stolen all over the United States in 2014.

He also cited reports of sneaker-related crime:论文代写

In February 2015, an Ohio teenager was killed while trying to steal a new pair of Air Jordans of a man in a car park cheap Retro Air Jordan.

In April 2014, a 15 year old boy shot a 14 after he was accused of jumping the line to buy Kanye West shoe brand.

A year earlier, 15 men were caught on video stealing sneakers a FootLocker Georgia after ramming a truck into the front window of the store.

Marbury first tried to launch a line of sneakers in 2006 Cheap Retro Jordans Online, but the company has collaborated with Steve & Barry, went under in 2009. We shall soon see if his new line of shoes will fly this time.

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