Fashionista Data Entry Packages

The Fashionista Data Entry Package is for you if you need your data to be updated. You need to have all your data and possibly contact information in your business in one place.

Classic Package:

The Classic package allows you to have a spreadsheet with your updated information.

      • Updating client spreadsheet
      • Maximum (500 rows, 3 columns)
      • An investment of $200
      • Each additional column is $100

Fashionista As needed Data Entry Package:

The as needed Data entry package allows a basic creation of your spreadsheet, ranging from updating new customers information, tracking your list or importing or exporting your contacts to another platform.

    • Creating 1 basic spreadsheet
    • (Two columns with 100 rows of information)
    • An investment of $90
    • Any additional update of contacts information $70 for every 100 contacts name, numbers/email to be edited.

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