Fashionista Social Media Management Packages

The Fashionista Social Media packages are designed for every woman at every stage of your business. There are starter packages as well as add-on packages that are designed for you to connect to a larger audience through your social media platforms.

Classic Package:

This package is for the new fashionista entrepreneur looking to make her unique mark in the industry. Using the Hootsuite platform. This package is designed to get you up and running, creating a presence and building a network of colleagues and clients. This package includes:

    • Account creation and posts of two social media platforms: Facebook Page & Twitter or Instagram
    • Will upload a maximum of 5 images you provide.
    • Post 5 times per day from each account for 1 week
    • Will format provided content
    • An investment of $400

Chic Package:

This package is for you if you have been in business for 1 year or more and need a little more assistance than posting, you are looking to magnify your presence and catapult your sales growth. Using the Hootsuite platform;

The Chic Package is designed with you in mind, it includes:

    • Facebook Page: post maximum 5 times per day. (The goal here is to treat this page as your virtual office hours. Stand out amongst your competition as you attract a larger audience)
    • Twitter: post maximum 5 times per day. (The goal here is to engage and attract a larger network)
    • Instagram: post maximum 5 times per day (The goal here is to get personal so your audience connects with your inner and outward beauty as well as the quality you bring to your life and the lives of others)
    • Five branded images to go with your posts.
    • An investment of $797
    • Custom quotes available

Glam Package:

This package is for you if you are an entrepreneur in business for 2 years & more. The Glam Package treats your business like a virtual corporation.

Consider the glam package as opening your office, taking care of your visitors and ushering in new clientele.

Using the Hootsuite platform. The Glam package increases your interaction with the global world through posts, page maintenance, and editing to make sure your image and brand are uniquely glammed to produce client satisfaction.

This is a 2 months package.

    • Increased Interaction with the global community on each account limit 3 posts per day for the month. (Includes responding to followers comments only.)
    • Increase your network interaction by creating ten pieces of interacting images.
    • Provide results via analytics for 1 month
    • Including lightproof reading of two of your content.
    • An investment of $1600

Diva Package:

This package is for the Diva who’s been in business for 3 years and has big plans to increase her income on a major scale.

Using the Hootsuite platform. This package gives her absolute time to dedicate herself to her clients and creative ideas.

This is a 3 months package.

    • Posts scheduling and maintenance for 3 social media accounts. (Includes interaction with other person’s posts. Once per day from 1 account of your choice.)
    • Includes Accepting your “friend,” “follow,” or “connect” requests
    • Blog maintenance (limit to 3 posts per month which includes formatting your content and editing)
    • Provide results via analytics for 2 months
    • Website maintenance
    • An investment of $3500

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