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Employers all around the world are more and more conscious of the fact that they need to provide a safe working environment for their employees. There’s no more put up and shut up with the conditions that we all go to work in.

Regulations from different companies and governments across the globe are putting the health of the workers as their top priority in worker’s rights laws. This is because every business needs to keep their employees at work as consistently as possible.

More workers working means more profit and more stability for your business. However, accidents do still happen and when they do various procedures need to happen in order for the employer to see through their obligations to this effect.

Hence why medical businesses that investigate such accidents to find out what happened and see to the injuries of the worker are very popular. If you wanted to start this kind of business , what are the components you need to create?

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Meeting the patient on arrival

One of the services you need to provide is meeting the injured staff member at the hospital. Of course, an ambulance could be called to a manufacturing plant, research, and development facility, an office or perhaps a construction site. However, you must devise a plan with the employer that agrees upon your business sending out an employee to go and meet the patient at the hospital.

This way you get to see the injuries firsthand and speak with your client’s employee. Remember that your client is the business owner but you also represent the employee who is harmed, to protect their rights . It’s all about playing fair, which is why you should see the extent of the pain and wounds on arrival at the hospital or as soon as you can.

Once your employee is at the hospital, they need to speak with the doctor and or surgeons to see what is going on. Collect photographs of the injuries, as well as x-rays. You should also collect the medical reports that will detail the wounds to sustain and what the technical terms for such injuries are.

A blunt force trauma injury to the chest might cause cardiac arrest. So you need both pictures and a detailed report from the healthcare professionals at the hospital to get the full picture. This is a premium service that many healthcare businesses do not provide as they solely rely on the word of mouth from the employee and their interpretation of the medical report.

Handling multiple injured

Particularly on construction sites, you can find incidents of multiple injured in one accident. This could be when three employees were hauling a support beam up the side of a house or office building.

The beam might have felled and injured all three at the same time but given them all different injuries to each other. So this is a large and serious incident where more than one employee has been hurt badly, but how can you honestly identify each party involved?

The employer needs proof that all three were there at the time and they were injured due to this specific incident. This is because unfortunately there have been instances where employees who were already injured from their something that happened in their personal life, but still claimed to have been hurt at work and sued the employer. So proper discretion and attention to injury incidents need to be given.

Create a service which actually goes to the scene of the accident and collect evidence to help build the case for your client and or worker. Using a dna isolation kit, you can take samples of blood from the scene and have them all identified to the individuals that we hurt.

With each employee’s blood sample now collected you have a clear piece of evidence that they were present at the time and were in fact involved in the incident. Their injuries cannot be deemed to be caused by something else. This protects the workers above all else and gives your investigation much credibility.

The interview process

Any employer that has unsafe working conditions will more than likely try to get out of hot water when the spotlight is shining on their practices and work environment. It’s your job to interview the employees that have been injured and get a sense of what kind of pain and suffering they are going through.

Devise some questions that are going to cover the general health of the patient and then also the specific injuries they have sustained. For example, you can ask about their general health when it comes to headaches, migraines, cold and fever. You get an overall sense of how the employee is feeling right now.

The specific questions should be more linked to their mental health, their physical pain and if they have sustained any injuries that will give them chronic pain. Maybe an employee broke his leg and you should ask about the pain of the fracture, whether they can put weight on their leg like normal again or if there are any abnormal muscle and bone pain.

Many people will feel down and they could be depressed because they are in pain, have lost the motion of their own limbs and cannot work. Give the employee a mental health checkup as well. This, of course, requires you to have your own psychologist in your offices where the employee can come. Alternatively, your employee can go and meet the worker in their own home as a call out request.

Medical businesses that are catering to workers in the modern world, work closely with multiple different entities. These processes and services offer both your professional client and their employees a clearcut direction in investigating at-work accidents.

Firstly you’re going to the scene of the incident and collecting DNA data to prove all those involved were actually involved. Then you’re also meeting the injured parties at the hospital to get a full report on their health. And you’re also finding your way to the truth by interviewing the employee.

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◊This is a contributor post.◊

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