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Epic tools online business

If you are running an online business chance are you will need additional systems in place to run your business smoothly.

Not to mention that this is an additional stress with finding your clients while also maintaining a business.

Today I will be sharing with you three epic tools that are FREE to use to start off from the ground with the potential of upgrading when your business as reach that stage.

Epic tool #1 for your online business

Most of you may know that I am not US based if not, you can know more about me and my journey through here in this previous post.

From day one you will want to start off with having a payment provider in place. This means you will be accepting payments from anywhere in the world. A lot of persons have recommended using PayPal because of instantly getting paid.

It’s also well known and received worldwide. But with being an international business and fees associated with having received payment, wouldn’t you want an alternative that has minimum fees?

I have been using the Payoneer platform from day one when I started out as a freelancer. The good thing about using this platform is that it is connected directly with my local bank.

While I do use Paypal as well to receive payments the disadvantage is that I have to send a cheque to my country and it does not connect to my local bank. Not to mention the fees associated.

While using Payoneer on the other hand you are allowed to increase your earnings by reducing your payment fees by up to 71%. This means that once you receive a payment you are only charged 1% of the total amount.

What does this mean for you? You can accept payments in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD & CAD – and transferred to your own local bank account! Once you sign up you get a FREE $25 for joining

International virtual assistants or business that are not US, Canadian or European based do not have to directly send a cheque for weeks upon weeks to be sent to their local post office then to deposit to their bank.

This is one epic tool that I recommend you have, to start accepting payments for your business once you are online.

Epic tool #2 for your online business

Once you have clients or even customers you know that managing sensitive information is a priority. If you use your bank online, shop online or even accept payments anywhere, you know you need to have secure passwords.

Using your birthdays, or your name does not cut it for these hackers online. LastPass is also free to join. It allows you to secure your passwords in a vault as well as suggest recommended passwords for your sites you visit.

The only thing you will need to remember is your secure password to secure your vault. With anything that is of importance to you namely your business, you would have put measures in place to make sure it’s secure.

Having LastPass as your trusted password manager is no different and it’s always best to use the vault when accessing the site so you not are tricked in visiting phishing sites that pretend to be secure when browsing the net.

Epic tool #3 for your online business

If you send emails like me or even write a blog post like this one. You are bound to make mistakes. First impressions are everything!

Whether you are writing a simple hello to a friend or that prospective client you will want your Grammar to be in check! Grammarly does just that and more!

Even if you are a native English speaker, not even a speaker of English, once you run a business offline and especially online you know that this tool is a keeper.

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

It auto corrects everything! I love using this tool as well because it helps with grammatical errors, sentence structure, and the list goes on and on.

Check it out and see the difference it will make when you send that next email.

There you have it! The 3 epic tools you should definitely start off with when starting your online business.

It was nice of you to stop by.

Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes for your business.

Don’t forget to check the sidebar and footer of this website for awesome resources!

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106 thoughts on “The Epic tools you need for your online business

  1. I already use grammarly, it makes proofreading so easy. I would definitely try LastPass, it’s so irritating sometimes when I get confused among passwords.

    1. Yes Monidipa that’s why I also switched to use the vault, it was becoming too time-consuming to know all these sites passwords.

  2. I just downloaded Grammarly. It really is a great tool. I didn’t know about it before. I corrected everything only through word

  3. Very helpful! I understand the difference of being in the United States as compared to those who live in other countries. I used to have lots of trouble getting connected when I was in Indonesia and Philippines.

    1. Yes, Nina, it can be very frustrating when your clients are overseas based and there are hiccups with your payment locally.

  4. I don’t have an online business but I do have a Payoneer account but I mostly use PayPal. I never thought of using Grammarly to be honest. I should look into using it.

    1. Shanese that’s good that you are using one of the recommended tools. Let me know how it goes when you try it out.

  5. LastPass is an absolute God send! I use it for my professional life as well as my personal stuff. Great list of digital tools!

  6. I agree with you on Payoneer. I didn’t know until recently about this and it is as convenient as you said. It sure needs to be the next Paypal leading

  7. You have covered the most important 3 tools of online business; grammar, security and payments. I would like to try LastPass as I tend to write all my passwords at a place which is so obvious to find out. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I find LastPass very helpful. In the past, I had to make an xls file to write down all my accounts and then jot down my password as well. BTW, I really like your blog, you always post helpful tips. Thanks as always.

  9. What great tools! I have to check that Payoneer as I have some issues with PayPal as well. I am using LastPass for a long time already and I could not think about A better app. It saved me so much time when I had to keep restarting my password all the time. And Grammarly seems great! English is my 2nd language so it will be super helpful for me!

    1. Ada that’s good to know that you have been using one of the epic tools. Let me know how the others are when you decide to use them.

  10. I use Paypal for most of my transactions and it’s great. Grammarly too is a very useful tool for all type of writers. But, I’m not sure I would be comfortable with storing my passwords with a third party…though it might be helpful for teams accessing a single account.
    – Nandita

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