Why branding is important to a Fashionista!

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Today’s guest post is all about branding your fashion business to reflect you and your personality. What am I referring to? I will let Maria talk some more about this.

What is branding? What defines a good branding? What does it mean to build up your brand? Those are questions that every fashionista entrepreneur, company or even a tiny kid who wants to sell lemonade should put each time before they start selling – or just existing!

Brand your fashion business base on you!

Let’s put it this way: have you ever thought about yourself and what personality type are you? I am not talking about those concrete stereotypes of personalities; I am talking about

I am talking about the way you are, you behave towards you and the people around you, at last, but not least, the way that you feel towards anything.

Basically, the personality you gained within years. The thing that your family or friends are thinking about when it comes to you: “Ah, look at those flowers, Sally would totally love them!”, ‘This is such a good song! I bet Janet would dance on it!’, ‘Look at this dress! Tiffany would adore it!’’. Get me now?

Yes, so I am talking the things that define you truly. But this is strictly on a personal level. Now, let’s talk on a purely professional level. What is that thing that makes you visible, makes the customers think of you? And when I say you I am talking about you as someone who’s running a business. Ring a bell? Let me tell you. Have you ever thought that branding is the personality of the professional life? Just think about it!

What if the flowers that Sally would have like would actually transform to “Look at those superb flowers! Their arrangement reminds me of the way Sally does them!”. Or how would you put the song situation? “This song reminds me of one song that once Janet sang to me!”. Or how about the dress? “Wow, this dress’ design is similar to the one Tiffany made for my sister!”.

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learn how to brand your fashion business

Your fashion business should go hand in hand with your branding.

Personality makes us unique – our behaviors, flavors, the way we love, feel and all, everything makes us the way we are, especially towards the people near us. And this is how a brand comes to life.

So, you have an idea you are absolutely dying to put it in practice, but something stops you, or not. The thing is that you just can’t see it, that image that reflects your idea. It can be a product, or just a service, a book, or a song. But you need something that gives that thing you are going to promote something unique. And that, my lovelies, is the birth of “How can I find what represents me?”.

Yes, it is indeed hard to reflect upon the thing that represents you when it comes to your future business. It can be an online business, an offline one, or you can just sell some flowers! It doesn’t matter. Remember how people use to think about you when they saw something?

Now it’s your turn to make them think about the thing you are giving the thing that is made by you. But let’s go back to practice. What makes a good branding? There are indeed some factors that must be taken into consideration every time you start to think about creating something that makes you unique, and memorable. And those are personality, symmetry and the industry.

Fashionista you should use your personality, symmetry, and your industry in your fashion business.

The way our personality goes within the product that makes our brand work. If you are a serious, professional, and on the other hand providing social media strategy, you should probably go for a cold color.

If you are very funny, lovable, impulsive, and still, providing the same services – You should probably go for something more colorful than only just one color!

Are you very fashion orientated, obsessed with trends, and selling the same services, the social media strategy, you should probably go pink and mauve. Or maybe you are a ghostwriter, but for fashion magazines – but you are a bit way too professional – again maybe something blue-ish. Get me?

Basically, the color you choose for your brand reflects the way we are.

Something that is symmetric makes the eye want more and more. It’s an eye-candy. If I go to your website and I see that your designs were made only without your personality and without eye-pleasure, I would sure leave immediately! Of course, maybe you don’t have the skills to build a website, but there are lots of people who can help. You can always talk, communicate with graphic or web designers. It CAN be done, but only if you are open enough.

Each industry or sub-industry has his or her color. The color can also be combined with the one formed from your personality. Medicine has blue. But you also are a pediatrician – obviously, you love children, which, sometimes, this makes you a fun and loving person, and this means a warm color. And there you have it, blue and warm. It can be something bright, it can also be something blue-ish and colorful combined.

Something that makes the audience feel good about it – the children. Don’t be too cold, don’t scare them. Make them feel safe around the service you provide. And here comes the branding. Do you see its importance?

So yes, those are some of the essential keys on which you should focus when creating your own brand. Just clear your mind, take a paper and a pen, and try to think what will work for you.

guest post by Maria on branding your fashion businessBio: Maria is an online social media and branding strategist. She started to work as a freelancer 2 years ago, focusing more on VA work. Even though she is still offering VA services at the moment, she is preparing to move her business to a new level: building courses and teaching creative entrepreneurs how to launch themselves, using both business strategies and counseling based on the personality development and awareness.

It was nice of you to stop by.

Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes with your business.

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20 thoughts on “Why branding is important to a Fashionista!

  1. Everything I use (business cards…) is basically black and white! I don’t know what it means but I love it! I’m always dressed in B&W too, apart from some blue!

  2. Great post. I think what my problem is that style and what I like is constantly changing. So how does one brand something that’s changing so often? Like my personal style changes with my mood; one day I’m grungy, rocker tee and all and the next i’m girly in floral dresses. What’s your advice on that? How could I brand myself?


    1. That’s a great question Kimberly, if I were you I would write down all of this, so that when you are meeting with a branding expert you will have all your emotions, favourite colours and style incorporated in your mood board that will indirectly be translated in your branding. All the best.

  3. I work in advertising and I can tell you that color definitely has an effect on some things in the business world. Although, too many in a business card or logo can have a negative result. On the other hand the personality of a business is what you really want to get across to get consumers and everyone else to relate to the brand.

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