How I answered a question from a prospective client

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I wanted to share some questions that I get asked a lot.

You might be asking these questions as well, but you are not sure how to?

Here I share what one prospective client asked and how I answered them.

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prospective client question

I will answer your burning questions in depth.

Question number 1: I know that all VA’s are different, what’s the difference?

All virtual assistants are different in terms of their services they offer, as well as their skill sets.

There are two main types of a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can specialize in technical and or both administrative support.

A general virtual assistant starting rate can start from $25-$30 per hour while a specialized VA can start from as much as $75-$100.

Question number 2: What would be a good starter package for someone who is starting out to hire a virtual assistant (VA)?

I appreciate your question.

The difference between someone who is just starting out vs a seasoned entrepreneur is really not far off because eventually, both entrepreneurs will need the services of a VA.

What I always recommend to a prospective client is to list those services that you need assistance with first.

When you do and your VA offers a consultation then you can ask questions about how he/she does business. Click here for your FREE 15 minutes consultation with me.

I know that one of the issues that person’s face is how can a VA do such task for me when I have been doing this for X amount of time.

You can start off by doing a video tutorial or writing the instructions down in a word document and sharing that file via Google Drive, Dropbox or LastPass once you know what you want assistance with, this instruction or guide can be used over and over again.

A good starter package that I recommend to new clients is starting small. Let’s say that you find your social media scheduling too time-consuming to attend to, you can allow your VA to assist you with this task on a one-day basis or for the week. This will determine the outcome of your final decision.

Question number 3: How would someone know what they need in a VA?

An entrepreneur cannot do it all, and you will know what is taking you away from your business, either it is managing your social media channels or administrative tasks that you do not like doing.

You are interested in the services but still want to know more.

Question number 4: How can someone who is still “getting started” have a VA to help them out while they are growing?

I would say no matter what stage of your business you will need the assistance of a virtual assistant.

In terms of knowing if A VA will be the right fit for you, get a feel of this VA by getting on their consultation call ask for testimonials from other clients as well as if you have realized that this VA will be a right fit.

The next thing I recommend is to do a small task that you know will not take much effort, in other words, this will be a trial period, but the goal is to find out how the VA will work with you and the task that you gave him/her.

When this is completed I agree that you still continue to take baby steps until you are comfortable with passing on these tasks that are taking you too much time away from your business.

In most cases from the first consultation, a client can know straight away if they will work with a VA in the near future, and base on the services that you know are taking you away from things that you do not like, you are able to outsource to your new VA.

From experience, I know that a virtual assistant will devise a plan and what it really will take is for you to agree on how best it will fit for your business at this time

Question number 5: For a more seasoned professional – what needs would be different from someone who’s just starting?

To answer your question it really depends on the services that you will need at the time for you to work with a general VA or a technical VA.

More importantly, before you consider working with a VA they normally offer consultations, this is where you can ask the questions that you need to know if such a VA will be a right fit for you and your business.

As your business grows you know that there is something that is taking you away from focusing on what you love doing.

This is where you know that you are trying to micromanage everything and you are getting burned out on tasks that are taking you way too much time on missed opportunities for your business, such as marketing of your business, increasing your clientele and your income.

If this sounds like you, you should definitely get the assistance of a VA. For a complete FAQ on hiring and working with a virtual assistant, I suggest you read these more detailed questions by clicking on the FAQ page.

It was nice of you to stop by.

Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes for your business.

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78 thoughts on “How I answered a question from a prospective client

  1. I’ve started working with a VA and it’s great. It’s scary to invest, but it’s such a time saver that it frees you to do the work that makes money. It’s definitely a smart investment. Thanks for sharing these questions to help people better determine how to find a great VA for their needs!

  2. These are good tips for someone wanted to get it in this line of work and you have explained the differences between an entrepreneur and a VA really well. Morgan x

  3. Pricing is so tricky. People pay for quality, when they go to a VA that undercuts others, it probably wont be quality. I think you show the value a VA can bring a company. Great piece.

  4. Thanks for the answers! I just though VA’s were a secretary who were independent contractors. I didn’t know you could have them manage your social media accounts! That is one aspect of blogging, which I find takes SOOOOO much time. I feel like I am always on one account or another, and I have 4 kids, I would rather be spending time with.

    1. Yes Samantha, there are VA’s who specialise in various fields, you just have to find the right one for your business. All the best.

  5. Very informative post! I was thinking about becoming a VA but I just don’t know where to start. I don’t know if I would even start my own or just do contract! How did you start?

  6. I have actually considered becoming a VA 1/2 time but I just don’t know where to begin. Do you recommend going out on your own or working through a company?
    Thanks for the post!

    1. Andrea it really is up to you. If you start on your own working directly for clients then you can become a virtual assistant. If you want to work with companies freelancing then you really can’t decide on your rate. So in essence when you work from your own you can set your rates and services.

  7. Always wondered what VA was all about. Now thanks to you I understand. Thank-you for the enlightenment. You explained it perfectly. All the best to you.

  8. This is the first time i heard something about a VA, so it was really interesting to read your article. I will need to improve my knowledge in this topic and i will keep your info and blog in mind.

    All the best

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