Gain your first Facebook followers with these steps

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Gain your first facebook followers

I literally created my Facebook business page on Sunday December 28, 2015.

I just wanted to put myself out there and make others know that my business page existed.

I was somewhat afraid because I was always seeing persons making offers on how to gain your first 100 followers and this included paid offers.

You do not always have to follow the crowd to be a success.

I was aware that Facebook allows you to do Facebook Ads, mind you, you can gain your followers organically as well, so when I created JuliVAGlobal Facebook business page, the first thing that I did was to grow my audience organically.

How I did this was inviting my friends from my profile to like my page.

I will share the back story of why I decided to invite my friends. When I was in numerous Facebook groups and I made connections with other entrepreneurs and bloggers, I kept sawing a trend that at the end of a conversation they all invited me to like their page or to follow up with updates.

At the time I had no website or Facebook page to ask them to do the same so all I did was liked their page and kept in touch when I had the availability.

Now when I did launch my Facebook page I created a post on my profile asking my friends to like my new business page.

I was not expecting one like, but when I got the opportunity to invite my friends. Most of them commented their links and invited me to like their page as well, but the likelihood was that in most instances that I had in fact liked their page already.

I also used the feature on my page to invite my friends to like my page. …within the hour I gained 53 likes.

I was totally blown away and so I continued to invite my friends, this overlapped into the following day it was 88 then within two days it was a total of 100.

how I gained 100 followers

By the end of about February I was close to 500 organic page likes.

If you are a LadyPreneur on a budget you can still grow your Facebook page.

Now why am I sharing this? You can invite your friends first which is considered organically.

I did this by inviting my friends from my Facebbook profile. Another way how I continued to grow my business page was in Facebook groups where they had threads to engage and tell others about your business.

I go more in depth on how I use Facebook to maximize my business. You can read the complete post by clicking the link here.

The thing is if you want to grow your audience to reach specific people or in the business world- your ideal clients to know more about your business and your services then I recommend FB Ads to promote let’s say a post about a free guide or maybe an event.

This will work in your favor because I know that these individuals will be the ones who you target and they will be more engaged as opposed to those friends who you have invited organically.

With the continuous changes of Facebook algorithms this will come into factor once you decide to use Facebook Ads for your business. As with my recommendations, I always suggest that you outsource such a task to a trained professional who will show you in depth results of their success with past clients.

While these two methods are useful in growing your Facebook business page (Organic & Paid likes) it will be vital to the start and the continuation of your business, it’s no excuse to not get your business out there.

Start off by inviting your friends to like your page, also join groups where you know you can add meaningful value and make great connections as well so that you can invite these persons as well to like your page organically.

As your business continue to grow, when it’s in your budget to do paid Ads to reach your ideal clients, this is another method of growing your audience and keeping them engage with your products and services.

I would like to know what method you used to grow your Facebook business page?

It was nice of you to stop by.

Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes with your business.

Don’t forget to check the sidebar and footer of this website for awesome resources!

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Disclaimer: Please note that this post is base on my experience with growing my business page and with anything that involves a business, seeking professional assistance to help is also vital. So, I cannot be held liable with these suggestions and experiences and the outcome and growth of your Facebook business page.


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48 thoughts on “Gain your first Facebook followers with these steps

  1. Glad you engaged with me, this has given me some ideas. I just set up my Facebook account for my online business website and these tips will be useful.Thank you.

  2. This was a really great post! I really want to start my Facebook page, but I’m also really nervous. I’m nervous to invite my friends to like it because I’m afraid that if they give me a lot of negativity I’ll start to doubt myself. I might look into the FB adds when I get a little more confident with my blog. I’m really glad that those steps worked for you! Thanks for this really motivating post!

  3. I did something similar except I chose 10 friends who I have maintained close contact throughout the years and asked them if they would just do me a teeny favor, like my page AND ask a close friend maybe their mom or someone to like my page as well, as a favor to them. All 10 of them did it and voila that’s 20 likes instead of 10! =)

  4. We used a similar process to gain our likes on Facebook as well! This truly is a tried and true method for someone looking to grow their following on a budget (: Thanks for putting it out there.

  5. Oh! I never thought of using ads to grow a FB business page! I’ve always thought of the ad as step 1 of converting from a landing page. Love your insights!

  6. Loved these tips and mostly enjoyed how you included tips for both organic and payed growth, i will definitely be applying some of these for my facebook page!

  7. This was a great read! This is the method that I used to build my audience in my first month. Recently, I’ve joined groups and share my business with other business owners. This has been very effective. This will surely encourage someone who is interested in starting a fb business page and/or group.

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