The best (and worst!) moments since starting my business

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Starting a business is not easy; it’s a lot of hard work. There will be a time when you want to share your wins and the not so wins that you are so scared of at times to share these losses. If you are like me, you might beat yourself up with such a loss.

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I am taking another approach where I want to share my wins and the not so wins with you.

From the time I started my business online I was always worried about if I would be able to do so much and yet still be able to achieve my goals. Mind you, giving up is not an option because I do like what I am doing and I have decided that since I do like this, this is where I want to offer my services.

One of my best moments was?

So here goes my best moment when I started my business: this might not be too large as yours or maybe a big one compared to you, but my win is that I have the freedom to choose whom I want to work with and how much I want to earn.

I must stress this because, as you can imagine, there is no boss telling me that this needs to be done, right now and how much I will be earning. Mind you because I do set my rates, I determine how much I will earn and how many clients I would want to work with.

Now tell me which job allows you to choose the freedom of working for yourself, setting your time and also choosing who you want to work with. I know that it must be scary when you do start your business but this has been my “why” from day one.

Ok, you might be thinking, “my win so far is too broad” but to narrow down my best moment and the one that took center stage for me, was when persons are interested in my services and actually pay for what I am offering.

Drum roll for the worst moment!

My not so best moment was when (where it might not be a very bad one to you) I did not achieve a particular goal in the specified timeframe. I considered it to be a learning lesson.

So out of all the losses I have experienced, I think it was time. I had to draw back from this mind frame and take a step back to view what happened in such a situation because I must admit I tend to beat myself up when a particular win is not achieved on schedule.

What I had planned to do when I experience a not so win was try the other rest of the alphabets. I know that this might not be the best advice for you and your business, but when I got stuck in a rut and needed support for such a case in going back on track with my goals.

I called in the big guns! This support may take the form for you as a business coach or a mentor; trust me, you will not know everything even if you try, on your own. Even if you do not invest in a business coach I am sure there is a coach out there to support you whether it’s through your mind, body or soul.

Now that you have heard my wins and my not so best moments for my business, what will you do differently to achieve your wins?

Psst, before I go I wanted to share how I always gain support when I am having one of those “blah moments”. I recently created a Facebook group for us women to network and share our expertise. I know that if we all come together and unite we can make a vast difference in helping someone else who was at our stage a day, week, month or even a year ago.

I know that if we all come together and unite we can make a vast difference in helping someone else who was at our stage a day, week, month or even a year ago. This is a closed group so at no time will your information be shared publicly outside the group; everything here is shared with confidence. If you are interested you can request to JOIN

It was nice of you to stop by.

Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes with your business.

Don’t forget to check the sidebar and footer of this website for awesome resources!

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14 thoughts on “The best (and worst!) moments since starting my business

  1. Congratulations on your wins and learning from your losses!
    I am continuing to find the support I need, be it from other people making it happen and those that are just starting.

  2. This is such a good read! It inspires me to see successful women who also struggled to get where they are now same like me. Its good to know that if you don’t give up the rewards will come.

  3. Your win is wonderful and I’m glad you’ve learned some good lessons from the not so great moments. Wishing you well as you continue on your business journey ^^.

  4. Running any kinds of business can be difficult. Before blogging I tried opening a tea room. It was incredibly difficult. I had to eventually dissolve the business. I believe if you’re consistent things will work out. There will be good days and there will be bad. The best part is you keep going.

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