Are you afraid of hiring a Virtual Assistant?

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Yes, I am talking to you. You have managed to leave the corporate job that you were in, or maybe you have reached a time in your life when you want to do things on your own, on your own time and be the boss of your own business.

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Hire a virtual assistant

Is your business, taking you away from the tasks that you love doing?

Stop! Do you really think you can do all of this on your own? Yes, you can but some part of your life will be suffering. Yes, it could be the kids’ game, the husband waiting for you to stop paying more attention to the new business than him, and even you who might have forgotten to take a bath (Yes, I said it).

I was in your shoes; I was working for my clients and trying to build a name for myself. I have learnt—yes, you can build a business on your own, but I soon realized that I cannot do it entirely on my own no matter how hard I try to dedicate 12-14 hours of my day. Some part of my life will be affected.

How a Virtual Assistant will help you today!

Do you know that a virtual assistant can help you? Do you even know what a virtual assistant is? A virtual assistant can provide the additional support that a business needs from everything from administrative support to social media presence.

I will speak on three ways you can hire a Virtual Assistant, whether it’s from a freelancing platform, a job board or A virtual assistant having their own website. With each platform that you choose, they do offer payment from all major payment sites such as Paypal.

Business owners can choose from a vast majority of virtual assistants that specialize in certain areas. You do not need to worry anymore or be panicked because a virtual assistant can provide the minimum technical and administrative support for your business.

What you should know about A Virtual Assistant.

When I first started out, a general virtual assistant starting rate can start from $25-$30 per hour while a specialized VA can start from as much as $75-$100 per hour. Now I am not talking about those third party sites that offer rates that are smaller than those VAs who have established themselves by creating a website or name for themselves.

You have options to choose from, to work with a VA!

There are many ways to hire out for assistance. This can be depending on your budget and which platform you are comfortable with. I started out with Fiverr, which is a freelancing website that starts at $5. There are other freelancing websites that you can hire out from, but you have to join this platform in order to hire these freelancers.

A second option is joining a reputable job board that facilitates different types of virtual assistants. I really liked VAnetworking because this site provided free resources as well as great benefits to start your business. You have to join such a platform in order to hire your first VA and post your specific tasks. Did I also mention that it’s also free to join and post your request when finding the perfect VA for your business?

The last method that you can use is hiring directly from a virtual assistant website. Some key factors to look out for when hiring is to see from other past clients, through their testimonials on the VA site. If none is provided, then a sure way is to ask the virtual assistant to provide a client that has worked with him or her and has no problem in providing a positive feedback.

Another factor is when hiring a virtual assistant through a website, more than likely, a VA will have a contract in place for you to sign and what is expected and how long the task will take to be completed.

Remember, hiring a virtual assistant is the easy part of the process. In most cases, the fear is not knowing what this virtual assistant can do for your business and not being educated enough in this industry. On the next post, I will talk some more on what tasks can be used to start off with when hiring a virtual assistant.

It was nice of you to stop by.

Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes with your business.

Don’t forget to check the sidebar and footer of this website for awesome resources!

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72 thoughts on “Are you afraid of hiring a Virtual Assistant?

  1. Thank you for sharing this! It’s so important to realize that we need to focus on what we are good at and have time for – and leave the rest to another professional! One of my goals for 2017 is to hire a VA. This helps give me the extra push to do it.

  2. This article was really helpful in convincing anyone to hire a VA. Having researched the subject in detail myself I think to have one would be essential for anyone who needs help getting organised and getting everything streamlined.

  3. I’ve had so much on my plate lately and was starting to consider hiring some assistant. But I never considered a virtual assistant. Thank you for bringing this to my awareness.

  4. I’ve never considered hiring a VA, mainly because I haven’t needed one. That said maybe with the launch of my coaching practice I might need one especially seeing how helpful there are. Thanks for sharing x

  5. I am literally in the process of hiring an intern and my number 1 concern is limited communication. This article was great insight – thank you so much!

    1. Yes of course Maysz, you can work anywhere from the comfort of your home, feel free to message me if you have any questions.

    1. Natalia, you can if you are interested in a VA to intern you can follow the link and post your request as well. Good luck.

  6. I recently “hired” my teenager and it’s been great. I’m a little afraid to hire a stranger because I would be afraid that they might represent my business in a negative light.

  7. Thanks for the expert tips, Juli! I am checking out the link you put in this post to I am running my own social media business, and it can be quite a handful to manage 12+ social profiles. Definitely considering making the switch and having help from a VA!

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