What task can you give to your Virtual Assistant?

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So, you have spoken with a virtual assistant or need to hire one and do not know where to start in implementing which or such task to your virtual assistant.

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Share a task with your virtual assistant

I recommend starting out small with a task that is somewhat not hard to do. When I came across some clients who first came to me, they were not sure how to give me access to their information and were at times confused how I could do the task with not being there physically or a phone call away to help solve their problems.

There are options to show your VA what to do on your virtual task.

My personal favorite in instructing a virtual assistant and you can’t go wrong is doing this in a video if you have the time. If not, you can have a step-by-step PDF or Word document guide on how you like things to be done in a specific way.

Please note that because business is mostly online based and your virtual assistant might not get it the right way (or your way on the first attempt), it’s always best to start on a trial basis.

An example was when I got my first task as a virtual assistant, A client wanted me to send out emails for them on their behalf. That client was a bit wary of trusting me with their password.

What I had suggested was creating a temporary password for me to access. If you are not comfortable with that method, you can go as far as creating a new email and giving that virtual assistant access to do your task. This does pose the issue for informing all your clients of the new email address that is being used.

What I have recommended from working with my clients is using the LastPass vault, it manages your passwords and you are felt more secure as in some cases when the password is shared you do not have to even know the password.

However, when you have moved on from that step, how do you go about tracking the progress of your work you have assigned your virtual assistant is up to what you agreed on. You can have a look at my previous blog with Tools I recommend.

Want to be updated about your virtual task?

I normally use a project-based platform by the name of Asana for both my personal and my business tasks. This is an easier tool to keep track of the progress and this is if your virtual assistant uses this project based tool or any at all. If he or she does, then the VA can grant you access to their email of the task being done at each stage and how long it will take to complete. This, again, is if the VA has this in place and has agreed to this when the contract was signed.

When you have done a trial and you feel comfortable about hiring your virtual assistant full time or part time, and you have passed doing the video tutorial for the task to be done, you can outline a job description on what you expect from the task.

What to look out for when you hire your Virtual Assistant?

Most virtual assistants mainly do a consultation before agreeing to a task, which, in most cases, is not free. So it’s best to have this information in place to outline what it is you need to be done and if the VA will be the right fit for your business.

Another option you can use when you have hired your virtual assistant to do your task is allowing the VA access to such information that you may use on a day-to-day basis in your business.

If you use any social media platforms and you know it’s time-consuming to provide such passwords for each of the VAs, you can grant access to your VA via Dropbox, Google Drive, LastPass or any other platform similar to this that you will be using.

So now that you feel confident in delegating a particular task to your virtual assistant, please make sure that you have read over the contract between your virtual assistant and you now have a detailed description of the task in place to be completed successfully. Also, make sure before a consultation that you do have questions in place to ask your virtual assistant.

After the consultation and you have way passed the confidential stage of hiring and you have met your ideal VA, here are some things to look out for before signing a contract.

Now, that I have hired my first Virtual Assistant now what?

Confidentiality plays a big role on the online platform, so make sure any and all tasks are kept confidential. Secondly, you do not dictate your pay base on thinking that you have hired a virtual assistant as an employee; they are an independent contractor (that is why the contract is there). In most cases, this will be outlined in the contract that the VA provides to clarify what a VA means.

You both will need to agree on how you will pay the virtual assistant, either if it’s full or partial payment upfront or 50 percent upfront and the other half after completion.

Finally, if the VA offers to price for hourly and or packages, either both or only packages unless the VA has stated otherwise. This is another requirement that you must understand and be clear on hiring before hand.

Most of my suggestions are what I have experienced for myself and or was educated on by other virtual assistants before me. You can, however, tailor your tasks base on what the VA has agreed to do.

You will know what task to assign your VA once you have worked with that VA and you are comfortable with the end result of the work that was produced. The funny thing is that, most times, when you hire a VA and you are so pleased with the work, even the task that the VA does not do, you are happy for him or her to learn to do, but this is if your VA has the temperament to learn to do so or can recommend someone for you.

Your VA, in most cases, can find the additional support for you if he or she is unable to do so. But please check to see that what you need is something your VA can offer. If not, he or she can research this information for you.

It was nice of you to stop by.

Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes with your business.

Don’t forget to check the sidebar and footer of this website for awesome resources!

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61 thoughts on “What task can you give to your Virtual Assistant?

  1. The password thing is a biggie. And you give a great suggestion. When I log into social media (acting as my client) they are trusting me with thier brand. Can be scary for a small business.

    This is a great article with real application on how to solve the bumps.

  2. I’m intrigued by the idea of a VA, but just haven’t figured out what I could use it for. Would love tips on how to use a VA for blog growth, aside from social media posting.

    1. Thank you, Shelly! There are VA’s that specifically deal with content writing, they can strategically create your content to engage with your customers. This is not my expertise but I know of VA’s who does this. One tip could be assisting you with content upgrades in your posts and marketing your posts. Hope that helps. Best wishes.

  3. Hey Juli,

    Thanks for this lovely info to VAs. I have yet to actually hire one but I’m considering it. Part of me seriously wonders if, for the hourly rate, they’d really put in the same amount of commitment and effort that I do. Although, I suppose that depends on the person.

    Thanks for this, bookmarking to return to later when I really need someone’s help.

    Thanks a bunch,


    1. That’s awesome Nadalie, yes even with hourly you can track a person’s progress by using platforms such as Toggl. All the best.

  4. Great post! It’s very informative. I know little about virtual assistant and I can say that your article broadened my horizons. Thank you.

  5. It’s good to know there are virtual assistants out there. I might need one some day if one day I become a great blogger. I am a newbie. 😛

  6. This article is very accurate. You know, I use to think my visual Assistant is my employee but I have learned my lesson anyway and I am happy you mentioned something similar in the post. This is a must read for those looking to get VA. Thanks for sharing

  7. This is so my issue: I need a virtual assistant to keep me organized, but I’m too all over the place to accurately tell my assistant what I need, lol! #thestruggle

  8. This is something I have been thinking about for a while, but haven’t actually done it yet. This was really informative, especially about requiring a contract, that’s so important. I think the thing that’s making me most nervous is giving my passwords away!

    1. Jojo you don’t have to as there are apps that an be used to share passwords without the other person actually knowing the passwords.

  9. I only ever use my calendar for scheduling things. I think the busier I get the more likely I will have to get a VA. Thanks!

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