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My “fave” social media platform is?

Today I want to share my favorite social media platform with you! I also want to clue you in that you can use your favourite social media platform to maximize your business as well.

I literally get goosebumps when I am talking about it. I love Facebook and this post is all about how I have moved away from using Facebook from my personal profile to my business page to maximize my virtual assisting business.

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Let me show you how I use Facebook to maximize my business.

So before when I actually had my personal profile page, I use to love liking my favourite pages, these consisted of fashion pages. Can you guess which ones?

I loved that I was able to see beautiful pictures that I could like and comment at my disposal and I was able to follow up with any new trend from the comfort of my home here in Jamaica.

Fast-forward to having an online business and trying to get other’s to notice me and to even like my business Facebook page

First of all, when creating your business page it’s free to use, but people will not randomly know about you or your services unless you get yourself out there!

The first suggestion that Facebook recommends is inviting your friends to like your page, when this has been done you can go on to create Facebook Ads to reach your potential ideal clients. This is by far the best way to reach those clients who will actually benefit from your services.

What I did first to maximize my favourite social media site for business.

Now you do not have to go the route of the paid version of getting your ideal clients at first, if you want, the choice is yours. I did my likes organically first by inviting friends then afterward I would do FB Ads.

What I also did when I first started out was joining Facebook groups with my personal profile, so that I can see what my ideal clients were talking about and how I can be of service to them.

To be clear when you have joined these groups, please read their group guidelines. Do not spam their groups, but do make an introduction of yourself and how others can benefit from your expertise.

Most groups hate spam so if you are going to join these groups to spam about your service then you will be banned and trust me others will remember when you came and spammed the group and you do not want that for your first impression.

So you have joined the maximum 10 groups, which I recommend, you want to add value in these groups as well, pay close attention if these groups offer theme days, if they offer a promotion day, the best time is to advertise what you do on that day.

Make sure you have an elevator pitch or an offer pre-schedule at that time so that you can customize by each group.

Facebook groups are another way to maximize your business.

Participate as often as possible, but because I do not personally like when I am seeing others posting what they can do. I personally recommend you post what you can do for your clients instead than what you do. Trust me this tends to stand out more and when done creatively.

When you also tend to add value by sharing your tips or comments. You do not want to be spending the whole day doing this. You can schedule 10 minutes at a time for 2 hours, then you can sign in and out to see what others have replied to your post or what you have commented.

If you prefer not to see your notifications pile up by the minute whenever you sign back in after your ten minutes interval, once you make a post you can right click on that post and turn off notifications.

These are tips that I have used both with my personal and business page. I try my best as possible that when I do connect with other women who might be my ideal clients I show them that I care, and not pushing down their newsfeed what I can do.

You might ask how do I do this? I might send a message every now and then. I interact with their posts on their personal Facebook page, as well as their business page and I also send birthday and or anniversary wishes when they are celebrating.

Depending on how you use Facebook, this platform has been beneficial to me for both my personal profile and business page. I show my clients that not because they will need my services in the future they will not know who I am. I tend to also post engaging posts for these women so that they are seeing that I am a human and that I am relatable.

This is how I have used Facebook for my business. If you are interested in joining my supportive group The LadyPreneur MeetUp you are welcome to request to join.

I also want to know what you have done to maximize your favourite social media for your business? Share in the comments below.

It was nice of you to stop by.

Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes with your business.

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18 thoughts on “Use your favourite social media site to maximize your business

  1. Excellent point about using Facebook groups and posting what you can do for clients instead of just saying what you do. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are such great tips and suggestion! Completely agree and am finding Facebook groups such a great starting point. I’ve learnt so much from certain people in these group and have developed friendships too.

  3. Love this article. I use to use instagram business to try and drive traffic, but the didn’t work. I am trying with facebook by joining groups but still nothing.

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