Why your mission should say what it does for your clients

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Is your mission for your business completed?

Today I wanted to share some more about the mission of my business. I know from the last time, I shared a bit about what the name JuliVAGlobal meant but today I am doing a bit of a spin about sharing the heart of what I love doing in my business.

I also wanted to let you know my main mission for providing such services to you as females entrepreneurs in business.

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your mission in business

So for those of us who do not know who I am, I will share a bit about who I am, you can watch the Video I made awhile back.

My mission statement is for my clients

The main mission behind JordanPicks was from foremost to help females in business. I know from a young age that I wanted to help individuals, and this is my way in playing a significant role in helping start up females in their business online.

I really wanted to start out from a young age as well in the fashion industry, but if you had watched the video you would realize that I am none of those yet, (That’s a big yet) you will see that at present my ideal clients are women like yourselves working in the fashion Industry.

I know that, by me helping you and being the additional pair of eyes and hands, you are able to reach those women who might find it hard to express themselves, I know that they will really appreciate the benefit of having women like yourselves helping them.

Are you making an impact in your business?

This is why I wanted to start out my business, connecting with women who are currently making an impact in such an industry.

So you are thinking to yourself how a VA can help you reach those women who are struggling with maybe how to style herself or even how to apply their makeup correctly by their skin tone?

I love offering services where I can assist you to reach those women for you who might find this as a struggle.

This includes me helping you scheduling your social media posts on your social media accounts and also helping with the maintenance of your website.

I know that by doing these tasks you are better able to focus more on helping these women.

What better way to start out your business, being at the back end so that the tips that you are providing can help these women, this is where my passion really lies and this is why as my business continues to grow I will continue to support women in such a capacity and branch out later in my business doing so as well.

I wanted to share both my vision and mission statement with you.


As a committed Virtual Assistant with high ideals, JordanPicks is designed to help clients succeed while staying ahead of the game with changing technology and offering nothing less than top quality service with a quick turnaround time for every single order that is placed.


Specialized Virtual Assistant, Juli, makes it her absolute mission to help you stay focused, productive, and passionate while she handles your distracting tasks with professionalism and grace.

It was nice of you to stop by.

Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes with your business.

Don’t forget to check the sidebar and footer of this website for awesome resources!

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68 thoughts on “Why your mission should say what it does for your clients

  1. Great post! (: Super informative! I love the mission statement! I’ll deff be needing a VA in the future!

  2. Yep I think it’s a great idea to state clearly the benefits clients would gain from a business. It’s a good way of selling your product.

  3. Love, love, love, your mission statement! I’ll definitely keep you in mind for when I need a VA.
    Glad I found your site.

  4. When it comes to fashion business I really like to know about the mission statement and also I like your strategy when it comes to how to impact the client!

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