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business name best practices


Today I wanted to focus more on the meaning behind my business name and how I came to choose my business name online with these best practices that I will mention in this blog post.

So most of you LadyPreneurs might be familiar with my story if not this was basically my journey

My virtual assistant journey all summed up.

So a quick trip down memory lane I came into the online world by accident and joined the Fiverr platform and Upwork (formerly known as Odesk) and choose to offer virtual assistant because I did have some experience in Data Entry.

I was a bit frustrated with some issues that I was always facing on the site because you know that in anywhere you are there will be good and bad, so it was out of that frustration I started to research on how to make additional income online.

I re-joined Facebook and other social sites and I must admit that I did get a lot of support and it was base on sharing my experience that I was told that I could have my own website and create my business here in Jamaica.

How I discovered the online industry and you should too.

Since discovering the online industry, I have learned that the online industry in my country was slowly growing and with this new milestone in my journey, I must admit there were some issues.

One of them was to get my business register in my home country. That would be the easy part base on researching as well. But the funny thing is because most of my clients are all over the world.


I would have to protect my business name in the near future. One way of doing so is trademarking my business name as well in the US to be protected from others using my name or brand in the future.

Do you have these business name best practices?

So staying on the good side of things I will elaborate on what I did from the beginning of researching and registering my business to achieve my branding for my business.

So going back to my original site that I joined which was Fiverr I liaised with other sellers who were offering the services that I needed in my business. I consulted with a branding coach as well as persons in FB groups who had started their business and walked the path that I was on.

One of the first things, I did was creating a client avatar which relays who my ideal client was, that’s one of the ways this has helped me in creating and naming my business.

With the guidance of a specific individual who will be nameless, she created 21 challenges that allowed me to narrow down what I needed to do in terms of branding the start up of my new business.

From this knowledge that I gained, I was better able to choose a seller on the Fiverr platform that was better able to assist me with my tagline and the name of my site base on the suggestions that I did and the results that I saw with the 21 challenges that I did.

Want to know how I came up with my name?

Now the meaning behind JordanPicks was because I started out as a virtual assistant and I was serving individuals not locally in my home country, you will see how the global part came into the mix of the name of the site.

I also followed the suggestion of the branding expert to add my name in the mix so that individuals could relate to me that I was a real person and could remember me easily.

You will also realize that I did not say that this was my business name but a subcategory of the service that I was offering.

My business itself was registered as Global Virtual Services, this was because I did not only wanted to be limited to only offering virtual assistant services in the future so that’s why I only had the JordanPicks as a website and not the business name itself.

The business name was not really hard to come up with because I knew from day one that I wanted to offer my services online as well as branch out in the future with the additional services.

I know for you, it might not be that easy so I will leave some tips with you on how you can make the transition a little bit easier for you to name or even have ideas for your business.

My tips on how to name and register your business.

The first thing I will say is to do a trademark search in the US, if you have a name for your business, you can do it here by doing a business name search

And make sure you have it trademark before you are faced with the trouble of someone using your name. Even if you are not US based it’s best practice to do so. I haven’t done this as yet but will in the future.

If you don’t have a name and want some suggestions, you can do a search here to see if it’s available you can use the suggestion from this site here

With all this being said you will still want to make sure that your domain name is also available do a search here if you may for your domain

Hope these useful tips have helped you and will help you move forward. Now as always it’s best to consult with a Lawyer who is knowledgeable in advising you on what to do with researching and registering your business.

But I know it can still be overwhelming to do all these but I am sure these tips will come in handy when you are about to meet with the relevant professionals to discuss on what to do moving forward.

It was nice of you to stop by.

Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes with your business.

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54 thoughts on “Choose your business name online with these best practices

  1. Great tips indeed, while other people just name their businesses whatever they think might suit them, or sounds interesting to them, however you should know the reason behind your business name as it is the name that will get people’s attention and wonder what is the meaning behind it?
    Thank you for sharing your tips.

  2. Love how you chose your name! Sounds great and like a successful online venture. The internet market is just growing and growing right now. Great, informative post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh this is very interesting for me as I am also a VA but as for my blog, I named it in Spanish because at that time I was taking Spanish lessons. LOL. Really funny, moving years forward, whenever I am in a Spanish speaking forum, they all go ask me in Spanish. I got my name way before SEO and key words became very popular.

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