What is a day like as a virtual assistant?

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What I normally do first thing in the morning as a virtual assistant.

A day in the life of Juli;

“Reply to emails”

“Respond to clients”

“Do clients work”

“Reply to emails”



“Do it all over again”.


day as a virtual assistant

No, I am only joking. So I wanted to let you LadyPreneurs know what it’s like to a be a virtual assistant, the person who is always helping others out.

The first thing I do when I am up is read my daily bread. I am trying as much as possible to fit in my meditation part of my life to make my life more balanced and centered.

When I have finished doing this, I make my breakfast (yes, I do make this on my own) while doing that I sign into my account to see who have messaged me. I normally tend to answer my emails first thing in the morning.

When I have that out of the way, I also check to see if I need to do any tasks for my clients for the day or to focus on my business. If I do have a task, I do it for that day and then go on to focus on my business.

What I normally do as the day progress as a virtual assistant.

You might be wondering what my task entails? I tend to look on what part of my business needs to be done for that day. So let’s say that I have to market my business, do a blog post or do some follow up with a client.

This is what my remainder of my hours for the day looks like. I try to do most of my client’s works between the hours of 10:00 am- 3:00 pm. Outside of those hours, I focus on my business, whether this may take the form of doing a blog post, doing a follow up with a client or marketing my business.

I theme my days so I am able to achieve and get more done per week for a particular day. You can see what I am talking about in this previous blog post. ” How to manage your 24 hours”

What is a day, like as a virtual assistant!

You might tend to wonder, wow I do spend a lot of my time on my computer and I am not going to lie and say no.

I try to get myself more out there on social media platforms more than anything for prospective clients to know more about my business and what I can do for them. This normally entails promotion of my services or networking.

I also do my consultations on specific days for new prospective. This consultation is normally free for 15 minutes if you are interested to know more how I can help you! You can Book your time here.

I normally end my day by catching a few reality shows, checking my personal emails, and looking for new trends in the fashion world and what I can wear when I do go out to pamper myself.

You might be saying that there is really nothing to my day, and it might be bland and not as exciting as you have anticipated, but because I am always helping others I tend to organize my days so I am better able to be of service to my clients and prospective clients.

How do you start and end your day? Sound off in the comments below and let’s see who has the most exciting day.

It was nice of you to stop by.

Until then, happy hiring, and best wishes with your business.

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34 thoughts on “What is a day like as a virtual assistant?

  1. Juli, thank you for sharing your day.
    This is very helpful for someone like me who constantly needs to work on being more organized because I am not naturally. 🙂
    I love that you have your consultations on only specific days.

  2. Great post! So you’re an independent virtual assistant for your own company or do you have some steady companies you work for while running your business?

    1. Alyssa, good question. Yes I am an independent VA for my business. I wouldn’t say large companies at this time, but entrepreneurs who have their own online business such as coaches, speakers, women in the fashion and blogging industry. All the best.

  3. That’s it Juli, I’m completely sold! I want to be a virtual assistant too😊No seriously, you sound so organised so well put together and hence why I believe you must be an excellent VA❤️Loved reading every minute of this post🌹

  4. Thanks for writing it down and sharing. In the past, I used to battle with myself every day to be more organized. I see that using your time wisely with the help of a software can maximize your productivity.

  5. Wow! You are so organized. Being a VA myself, I start my work day checking my clients’ social media for inquiries so I can make replies early. I then prepare for work, before leaving the house, I delegate tasks to my assistant. I work for 8 hours after which I go home to work on my blog or VA business for 4 hours before ending the day.

    1. That’s awesome Toyin and thanks for sharing what you do as well. Let’s stay connected as a fellow virtual assistant.

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